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Are You Shopping Medicinal or Recreational?


Are You Shopping Medicinal or Recreational?

Feel Good Guide: Sebastopol

Feel Good Guide: Sebastopol

You travel through a lush green landscape. From tall trees to wide-open farmland, Sebastopol is an ideal getaway from the hustle of city life.

We won’t sugar coat this, we’ve come for three reasons, to smoke in this beautiful place, eat the amazingly crafted local food, and since this is wine country and all, have a few drinks.

First up we head to SPARC.

pimage (90).jpeg

Directly across the street from the culinary and art center of The Barlow sits SPARC, a dispensary supplying the Sebastopol locals with the goods.

SPARC’s a store with locations throughout Northern California, with two in Sonoma County, it’s the perfect first stop before hitting the wineries or indulging in the local, artisanal shops and food spots.

With a chill day ahead we snag a Soothe Pen, and walk over to, you guessed it, The Barlow.

First on our tour through The Barlow, a beer at Crooked Goat Brewing.

You walk in to see a long steel bar with tons of taps ready to pour frosty beer. Locals and employees alike chat with a smile on their faces, enjoying the Northern California breeze that’s coming in from the open-air garage doors.

We snag a few brews and head out onto an outdoor patio to take in the sunshine. We grab the Mountain Goat, a double dry-hopped IPA. It’s got a bit of a skunky smell but a wonderful taste to it.

pimage (92).jpeg

Next up, a hazy IPA called Easy Money. With hard hoppy flavors, this beer has a great fruity smell with a juicy flavor and just a slight spice to the finish. Yum!

There’s nothing quite like drinking a beer with a view of the huge stainless steel barrels that made that oh so good beer while the song Can’t You See, by The Marshall Tucker Band plays.

But, we’re not just here to drink beer…the area’s known for wine after all, so as we must, we head to our next Barlow spot.

pimage (93).jpeg

Known for their wine flights we get the signature tasting at MacPhail Tasting Lounge.

We sit outside and watch as people walk through the Barlow popping in for a bite here or a trinket there.

Starting with the chardonnay is perfect for the incredibly warm day, but hands down the rosé is the clear winner. It’s flavorful with a bit of tart on the backend.

pimage (94).jpeg

As you sit back and relax with your flight of various wines, you look inside and climbing to the ceiling are warped wheelbarrows shooting up to the sky in an intriguing art installation.

After a few glasses, time for something zen.

pimage (95).jpeg

The Nectary, a health store with smoothies and a yogi vibe. Plants are adorned on the shelves with little nick nacks everywhere. There’s a brass bar with all sorts of health products behind it waiting to be thrown into a smoothie.

We grab the Mo Joe, which, by the way, is so silky smooth. There’s Vanilla infused salt on top that gives a burst of salty goodness. This green smoothie has flavors of pineapple, banana, and creamy avocado with just the slightest bite of mint leaves and jalapeno.

But, after our very liquid lunch, onto some delicious, delicious food.

Have you walked into a bar? A plant shop? Fern Bar, an elevated experience with instrumental piano music playing over the speaker. There’s a wood and marble bar with greenery hanging above it. This is a not to be missed spot if we say so ourselves.

And then, the drinks, which for ‘social hour,’ are accompanied by a ‘nibble’ for each drink.

pimage (97).jpeg

First up…Five chips. These are the best 5 chips you’ve ever had. When first seeing there was only 5 you think that’s not nearly enough…no people that’s all you need.

These are phenomenal, with a hit of vinegar. You’re not eating just a chip you’re getting a burst of flavor and having 5 reminds you that these are to be respected with every bite.

Then, butter lettuce wrapped around cucumber basil. This is a perfect marriage of veggies in a vinegary sauce. The basil shines through but the crunch of the cucumber is texturally killer.

Last up is the umami bomb, and while not included in the nibbles, we had to. This is shiitake mushrooms, sticky rice, and microgreens. The mushrooms are meaty and the aroma just lingers on in the best way.

A flavor bomb to round it all out, we couldn’t ask for a better way to end the day.

Until next time, Sebastopol.