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Sundays with Savina Monet
Sundays With

Sundays with Savina Monet

Meet Savina Monet, a graphic designer and founder of the Cannabis Workers Coalition. When she’s not working on dope client work, you’ll find her creating cannabis collages that inspire people to take action on issues that are important right now.

What is your earliest memory of cannabis?
Growing up, cannabis was that “funny smell” that hung around my mom’s bedroom or thick on her clothes when I would nestle up close to her. Cannabis in one form or another has been in my family since before I was thought of, usually grown as an ornamental flower in my great grandparents’ backyard. It wasn’t until I was 15 when I smoked my first joint with friends at a party that I was able to put a name to that “funny smell”.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

Sundays are so sacred to me. I usually reserve my self-care for Sundays which can include a hike through the forest, a scenic drive, or enjoying my safe space with a jay in hand.

Do you ever use cannabis when making art?

Surprisingly, not as often as people would think. I usually medicate in the mornings to fully center myself before the day begins, so by the time I’m creating I am not so out of it that I get distracted. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve lost looking for source material, there are just so many beautiful photos and if I’m not focused on what I’m looking for, it gets out of hand easy haha.


What’s your preferred consumption method? What activities do you enjoy pairing with your high?

Flower Power all the wayyyy. There’s nothing better than being outdoors when you are high and in the Pacific Northwest we are spoiled with endless possibilities.

If you could share a joint with any person alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Oh wow, that’s a toughie. I’m going to go back in time and say I’d share a joint with Frida Kahlo. Frida is definitely an inspiration when it comes to mixing political messages with artwork and I’m sure she would have a lot to say about what’s going on in the world today.


What gets you excited about the cannabis industry?

I get excited thinking about the opportunity we have to shape this industry unlike any industry we have seen before. While most signs point to cannabis being another capitalistic cash cow, I have faith that it’s still very young and malleable. If we get the right people in office and purchase from equitable companies, we might be able to turn this industry all the way around and create an open-market where anyone, regardless of color, class, or past-convictions could participate.

If you could give one piece of advice to the entire world, what would it be?

There’s so much to say, but it boils down to one thing: give love and receive love whenever you can.

What do you think the future of cannabis looks like?

In my mind I see farmer’s markets filled with dank, neighbors growing stalks of flower in their backyard, Black and Brown communities medicating without fear of prosecution, I see cannabis looking like just another plant.

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