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The History of 420

The History of 420

Happy 420 everyone, the international day of smoking cannabis and celebrating our favorite plant. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder why 4:20pm became the time to smoke weed, then read on as we debunk some theories and explain the true origin.

Some have linked Bob Dylan to the infamous number
While listening to Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” you’ll hear the term “everybody must get stoned” repeated over and over again. Here’s the fun part: when you multiply 12 x 35 you’re left with the number 420. As crazy as this coincidence may seem, there’s no confirmation that Bob Dylan has any ties to 4:20.

Others believe that it’s connected to the plant itself
The cannabis plant may have over 400 chemical compounds, but it has never been confirmed that the exact number is 420.

What about the penal code?
You may have heard theories that the number is linked to the police or congress, with some claiming it’s the dispatch code for cannabis possession. This one is clearly false, as 420 is actually radio code for homicide.

The list goes on
We’ve heard it all, from the day that Bob Marley died (a quick google search can squash this one), tying to Adolf Hitler’s birthday or the clocks in Pulp Fiction. But what’s the real story behind 420? It all started back in 1971 with some high school kids in San Rafael, California. They referred to themselves as “The Waldos” and used the term “420 Louis,” to say that at 4:20pm they would meet by the Louis Pasteur statue to smoke.

As it turns out, one of these kids’ older brothers was friends with a member of the Grateful Dead, and they began smoking with the band at their rehearsal studio in San Rafael. The band began using the “420”, and it quickly spread amongst their fans.

The term really took off when High Times senior editor Steve Bloom noticed a flyer at a Grateful Dead concert that referenced “420” and wrote about it in the magazine. Since then, the term has grown in popularity and is now inextricably linked to consuming cannabis.

So in honor of the Waldos, make sure you’re stocked up on Goods and happy high holidays.

Cannabis and Productivity

Cannabis and Productivity

It’s no secret that cannabis has an abundance of positive effects, from easing stress to helping induce sleep. While it hasn’t always been depicted in the most positive light (we’re looking at you, Reefer Madness), we’re here to dispel the myth that cannabis consumption turns you into a zombie. Most cannabis users know that Indica strains are more physically sedating while Sativa strains provide uplifting cerebral effects, but there are a few other factors to consider when planning a productive day paired with cannabis. Keep in mind effects may differ greatly from person to person, but read on for some general tips.

Choose your strain wisely
You may already know that you want to reach for a Sativa dominant strain with invigorating effects to keep your productivity up, but keep in mind that not all strains were created equal. You’ll want a strain that energizes and uplifts you, such as The 11 or Moonshine Haze #6.

Be mindful of cannabinoids
Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in cannabis that imitate the compounds our bodies naturally produce, resulting in the relief of ailments such as anxiety or insomnia. When it comes to productivity, steer clear of CBN, which will lull you into a state of unbeatable restfulness, and instead reach for a high presence CBD product that can keep your energy up and promote focus.

Know your terpenes
Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its scent and each provide their own unique effect, such as restfulness or pain relief (learn more about them here). Similar to strains and cannabinoids, you’ll want to look out for terpenes that produce a boost of energy and invigoration. Limonene and Terpinolene are both common terpenes known for their energizing effects.

Don’t dose daringly
Low and slow is the name of the game if you’d like to keep productivity up while consuming cannabis. Regardless of how you choose to consume, be sure to allow ample time for the product to kick in before you go back for seconds.

Create a to-do list
Failing to plan means planning to fail when it comes to productivity and cannabis use. Set yourself up for success by creating an action plan before you reach for that pre-roll.

If you have a creative project that you’ve been sitting on for a while, see how smoking Spark enhances the experience. If you’ve been putting off a mundane task for a while, then try hitting Delight before tackling the dishes (your roommates can thank us later). Want to squeeze in a workout but can’t muster up the energy? There’s a strain for that too. There might be some trial and error involved, so be sure to start with some doable tasks that you can have fun and Feel Good while doing.

Got your own tips on how to use cannabis to increase productivity? Share them with us!

Sundays with Laci Jordan
Sundays With

Sundays with Laci Jordan

Meet Laci Jordan, a multi-disciplinary artist from Huntsville, AL currently residing in Los Angeles.

Hey Laci! What is your earliest memory of cannabis?
Hi! I remember being super young and hanging out with one of my older brothers. One of his friends lit a joint or something and my brother said “Ey, don’t light that weed up around my little sister” I didn’t know what it was at the time but the smell was distinct haha. In regards of my earliest memory smoking – I never smoked cannabis until I moved to LA about 8 years ago. I smoked with a friend but had no idea what I was doing and definitely wasn’t educated in strains. All that to say I smoked a SUPER strong Indica and learned the definition of being “stuck” first hand.

What does “feel good” mean to you?
To feel at peace, positive, and happy.

What does your perfect Sunday entail?
A perfect Sunday entails a day of no work obligations or deadlines, a day where I can move at my own pace and be free. I like to start my days with a good devotional, a joint, coffee (who doesn’t like a hippy speed bomb), and good music. If the weather is 75, sunny, with a little breeze then its PERFECT. I also don’t mind a good boozy brunch as well.

pimage - 2020-04-22T121002.048.jpeg

Do you prefer Sativa or Indica?
I’m a sativa girl for sure, Indica puts me straight on the couch haha. In all honesty I think sativa makes almost most activities a little more fun. This can range from Ikea trips (which can get tricky) to hanging out with friends. Two of my top things to do after smoking is cleaning my apartment (with taking the occasional dance/snack breaks) or brainstorming about something fun. Its something so carefree about the brainstorm process after you smoke.

If you could share a joint with any person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Wow, this is harddddd. I have two, one is more practical the other is crazy. Rihanna and Jesus Christ.

Rihanna is an obvious one, her personality is so cool and unapologetic, I just think we would have a good time and lots of laughs. Smoking with Jesus is just wilddddd I think the conversations would be life changing (obviously) plus, I have a TON of questions haha.

Which artist are you excited about right now?
I reallyyy love the work of London-based artist Lakwena Maciver. Her paintings and murals are so eclectic, bold, and graphic. Anything you see of hers automatically draws you in and holds your attention – they also incorporate empowering statement such as “The best is yet to come.” You can also usually spot her work from a mile away due to her color and pattern choices which gives nods to both illustration and graphic design. I’m in a space where I’m exploring different disciplines and materials with my own work. Looking at what she produces lets me know that I can use my talents and translate them to another medium without sacrificing my voice. She’s also a black woman which, we LOVE to see it.

What keeps you up at night?
Ideas and aspirations. It’s so much stuff I want to do in this life. I try my best to “wind down” at night but I’m usually thinking of projects I want to execute or random things I want to see come to light. It’s usually when I daydream the most.

Keep up with Laci’s work here.

pimage - 2020-04-22T121134.446.jpeg