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High Priorities

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We understand our position and privilege in a legal cannabis market.

We use our platform to contribute to racial and cannabis justice through partnerships, donations, programs, and education. We encourage feedback openly and want our community to hold us to a high standard.

Last Prisoner Project

What’s the problem?

Imagine sitting in a cell for years, decades, or even for life, convicted of a crime that is no longer considered a crime, while thousands of other people build intergenerational wealth doing exactly the same thing that landed you prison.

This is the sad reality over 40,000 cannabis prisoners face today in the United States, while countless others languish in jails and prisons worldwide.

The problem is not going away by itself. In 2017 alone, nearly 600,000 people were arrested for cannabis crimes, and despite widespread legal cannabis reforms, cannabis arrests are increasing in several states across the country.

What’s the solution?

Please meet The Last Prisoner Project. This organization focuses on three key criminal justice reform initiatives related to cannabis crimes: prisoner release, record clearing through clemency and expungement, and reentry programs.

Currently, the core social justice focus is to release incarcerated cannabis prisoners, but data shows that most released prisoners fail to reintegrate into society without the proper resources in place, thus ending up back in the “system”. Re-entry programs work to greatly reduce recidivism. A criminal record can also be a significant barrier to employment, housing, financial assistance, and more, so we also work to provide record relief.

The current system isn’t working. Last Prisoner Project works to release individuals still incarcerated for victimless cannabis offenses, provides record relief, helps those released from prison rebuild their lives through vocational training programs and building pathways to employment.

Additionally, LPP works on a Federal and state by state basis to advocate for social justice measures for cannabis offenders as well as conducting research and analysis on current legislative and regulatory policies.

Collectively these programs help cannabis prisoners become “fully free.”

let’s do our part together

At Sunday Goods we believe our core values need to mean more than just words on a page. To help do our part and turn our values into action, we launched our Sunday Goods: High Priorities initiative and our official partnership with The Last Prisoner Project in 2020.

Every Sunday from July through December, we donated 5% of proceeds from our dispensary to The Last Prisoner Project. With your support, we were able to raise $12,523.51!

We’re excited to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Last Prisoner Project in 2021 by joining their Roll It Up for Justice program. Effective immediately, you’ll have the option to roll up your change when shopping in store at our dispensary. Together we can help fight cannabis injustice and create a meaningful impact.