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Sundays with Fashionkush
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Sundays with Fashionkush

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with Erica Stolman Dowdy, the founder of fashion/lifestyle brand Fashionkush. Erica has been in the content game for over 10 years and is also the co-founder of blog design company, blog-doo. Read on to learn all about Erica’s ideal Sunday, cannabis innovation and her best advice for those breaking into the cannabis space.

Hey Erica! Could you introduce yourself.

I’ve always been an avid cannabis consumer, and my favorite person to enjoy a joint with is my Mom. About 2 years ago, over a joint (of course), we came up with the idea for our newest baby – Fashionkush. My Mom is my *amazing* business partner, and our goal with the Fashionkush brand is to bring chic to the world of cannabis, do our part in helping to shatter the stigma around cannabis, as well as educate our audience on the racial disparities in marijuana arrests as well as in the industry as a whole.

What’s your earliest memory of cannabis?

My earliest memory is probably pretty similar to a lot of other people – it involved an apple, some really bad weed, my best girlfriends… in the back seat of my 1986 Volvo with an Avril Lavigne CD playing in the background.

Oh yes, that sounds super familiar. What does your perfect Sunday look like?

A yummy brunch (preferably a bagel), a good joint, and either a lazy Netflix binge or a picnic on the beach.

Delicious. If you could share a joint with any person alive or dead, who would it be and why?

This one is always tough for me- but I think Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg (sorry but they are a package deal these days haha!) would be an epic combo- the weed would be amazing, and I can only imagine what Martha would cook!

Which artist are you excited about right now?

I am gonna be super cliche here and say right now…. Olivia Rodrigo. Mainly because I am just obsessed with all her music…. but I also think she is a smart cookie. There has been some unnecessary *drama* around SOUR, and I just really respect the way she handled things. Also, one more, my girl Chloe Bruderer is an amazing artist. She did all the signage for our wedding and we have some other things planned with her in the near future – her art page is @chloeheartsart.

Good for you. Ha! What gets you excited about the cannabis industry?

The evolution of the industry has been amazing to watch, I love seeing the innovation and sophistication that can now be found when it comes to cannabis products. It’s amazing to see how things have evolved over the years. I’m very excited that people are making more noise in terms of the racial disparities in marijuana arrests. It’s always hard to walk into a dispensary that looks like an Apple store and know people are still serving time for minor marijuana charges (mainly people of color). I highly suggest everyone follow along with the @lastprisonerproject and donate to their amazing efforts. We will be working them on something as well that we are super excited to share with our audience!

If you could give one piece of advice to the entire world, what would it be?

Stay in your lane! In a world where we have access to anyone/everyone’s lives at the touch of our fingertips, it’s so easy to get distracted and to compare your life to someone else’s trajectory (personally and professionally). Put those blinders on and focus on your path. And of course, as we always say at Fashionkush – keep your standards as high as you are 🙂

Thank you Erica! Follow along with Fashionkush on Instagram.