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Sundays With Sackville & Co.
Sundays With

Sundays With Sackville & Co.

We are so excited to be bringing back our series, “Sundays with…” featuring conversations with badass cannabis leaders & glass ceiling breakers. It only seemed fitting to kick off this series with one of our favorite cannabis accessories brands, Sackville & Co. Not only are they known for their beautiful accessories like their signature gold grinder and their honest conversations about the cannabis industry, but also for pushing to end the stigma around cannabis and those who choose to partake. Without further ado, we’d love to introduce you to Hayley Dineen & Lana Van Brunt, co-founders of Sackville & Co.

SG: Hi Hayley & Lana! We are so excited to chat with you. What is your earliest memory of cannabis? 

Hayley: My first memory of cannabis was a high school girls sleepover where we all got incredibly stoned, raided my best friend’s dad’s cantina, and passed out watching whatever VHS was in the basement. It was great – but also completely opposite of what my experience with cannabis is now.

Lana: Oh man, this is blurry for sure, but my first memory of cannabis was when I was probably in junior high. I think one of the older girls invited me to hang out with her and her friends one day – which meant just loitering behind the junior high school – but all the same, a damn honor, so best believe I jumped at it.  As we stood around, they lit up a joint and started passing it around. When it got to me I probably pretended to be cool enough to know what I was doing but as soon as I took a hit I immediately began hacking up a lung, needless to say, my cover was blown. I think that one hit had me so high I ended up hiding at the top of the slide platform and just waiting it out while everyone else down below continued on loitering. I still use that move to this day, if it’s not the vibe, I’m out!

SG: I think all of us have had one of those relatable nightmare experiences with cannabis when we were young. Can you describe what your perfect Sunday looks like? 

Hayley: My perfect Sunday would revolve around being somewhere new. I love to travel and explore new places. I am at my happiest when I’m lost in a new city or exploring a craft or antique market. I love to have a little smoke sesh and just wonder. 
Lana: Too much routine makes me crazy, so the perfect Sunday will look different depending on my vibe. I do love getting up really early, making coffee, and watching super trashy TV. That may sound chaotic to some, but I swear it’s the best. I feel like it’s like having dessert for breakfast, you need to do it every once in a while to remind yourself «you da boss» and rules are for suckers.

SG: Sunday is a state of mind, and sometimes you just need a little refresh no matter what that looks like for you. And of course a little smoke sesh. What’s your favorite way to partake in cannabis? 

Hayley: I personally love joints, always have. I am currently really enjoying the variety of pre-rolls on the market whether it’s rolled with some hash or terpene misted, I like that pre-rolls are coming in more varieties these days.
Lana: I go in phases here too. I’ve been an only edibles girl, I’ve gone through vaping phases but now I’m in a rolling-my-own joints phase. It’s such a rewarding experience to roll your own joint and have it not look cray.

SG: Pre-rolls have definitely been taking over the market, but we love a good hand-rolled joint at home too. What’s your dream blunt rotation? 

Hayley: Cher, Rihanna, Beyonce.

Lana: OMG, everything Hayley said.

SG: Okay, let’s be honest, that might be the coolest smoke circle ever. Which stigma around cannabis do you wish could become normalized?

Hayley: I hope all the stigma around cannabis fades soon, it’s frustrating to feel you need to justify your choices to consume cannabis. Personally, I have realized there is a massive stigma around motherhood & parenthood since becoming a parent myself. I think it’s absurd that parents, and mothers in particular, are judged for their consumption of cannabis. No one judges a mom for having a glass of wine at the end of the night or questions their ability to be a responsible parent (which they also shouldn’t) but society still seems uncomfortable with cannabis and parenthood – hoping that’s coming to an end!
Lana: Although I don’t have a child, I echo what Hayley says here about parenting and cannabis – let women choose what is right for their bodies and their lives period. However, in my day-to-day life I mostly experience the gap between productivity/success and cannabis. There’s still a stigma around using cannabis daily and your perceived ability to be successful. It’s nonsense. In the same vein as people not judging professionals who drink daily, it’s a part of corporate culture even, and yet cannabis elicits a cause for concern in an individual’s ability to perform. Cannabis allows me to manage immense levels of stress in a productive and healthy way. Microdosing has been an incredibly important part of my mental health and I’m ready for the world to move towards that mindset, we’d all be better off for it!

SG: We totally agree. Consuming cannabis should not define your parenting abilities. Parents deserve to be able to relax too, whether that’s a glass of wine or an edible, there shouldn’t be any shame around that. We are so tired of the “lazy stoner” stereotype, and we’re so glad that there are others in the industry who are trying to show that you can be a productive and successful person that also partakes in cannabis. Thank you both so much for spending time with us today. It was an honor to collab with two badass women in the cannabis industry!

If you’re looking for a stunning grinder, smoking accessories, or just want to support a small women-owned business, check out Sackville & Co. Give them a follow over on Instagram & TikTok

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