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Sundays with SheWeed
Sundays With

Sundays with SheWeed

We all use cannabis for different reasons. For some, it’s purely recreational while for others, cannabis is their medicine. No matter the reason for partaking, we believe in cannabis equality for all. This is why we are so excited to be speaking with the founder of SheWeed, Maren Earn, for this week’s Sundays With.

SG: Hi Maren! We are so excited to speak with you today. Can you introduce yourself to the Feel Good Fam?

Maren: My name is Maren Earn and I am the founder and owner of SheWeed. I am a 43-year-old mother of three and an avid cannabis consumer and advocate. About two and a half years ago I literally had a dream about my brand SheWeed and the rest is history.

SG: That’s amazing. We would love to hear more about your adventure in this industry. Why did you feel the need to create SheWeed?

Maren: I felt like at the time of starting SheWeed there were very few brands that were really gearing themselves toward women. There were no brands making women feel comfortable consuming the plant and sharing their personal stories about using cannabis. I really wanted to be able to create a brand that had super cute, super fun, and aesthetically pleasing products. In hopes that this would help women want to share their cannabis experiences and help break the stigma of plant medicine. I wanted to create a safe place for women and a place where we could all connect and bond over this amazing plant.

SG: We feel the exact same way. When we came across your page, we instantly fell in love with how cute and approachable it was. Representation in the cannabis industry for women is so important. On that note, what is your earliest memory of cannabis?

Maren: One of my first memories of using cannabis was with a group of girlfriends. I’m pretty sure we ditched class, grabbed an apple, and headed down to the local gully! We were all obsessed with Grateful Dead at the time. I remember getting pretty high and just laying in the grass singing Casey Jones. From that moment on, my love and passion for cannabis started. Cannabis for me has been life-changing. I am a survivor of human trafficking, and I really do believe without cannabis I would not be where I am today mentally and emotionally.

SG: Thank you for sharing your experience with cannabis, and how the plant can be helpful to those going through tough experiences. We want people to know that they aren’t alone when it comes to partaking, and it shouldn’t be a shameful thing to admit. So, what does your perfect Sunday look like?

Maren: My perfect Sunday starts with coffee and a wake-and-bake session. Then I get all my kids fed, settled and I’m off to my boxing class! I work out seven days a week and nothing is better before a workout than a bong hit. After my workout, I usually go home, smoke a little more weed, and then put on my super mom cape!

SG: That sounds like a great Sunday to us. We love that you’re a mom, and not ashamed about talking about your use of cannabis!  What’s your favorite way to partake in cannabis?

Maren: If I’m home, my favorite way to partake is definitely my bong! I do love joints and vapes as well, but there is nothing better than a freshly cleaned bong and a big bowl. If I’m out and about, then I’m vaping all the way.

SG: Bong rips just hit differently, especially on Sundays! When choosing your favorite strain, do you lean more toward Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Maren: I’ve always been an Indica girl, the heavier the better! But lately, I’ve definitely been leaning toward strains that have my favorite terpenes in them. I have been kind of ditching the whole thought process of Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa. Some of my favorite terpenes are myrcene, linalool, and pinene.

SG: Talking about terpenes, we’re excited to see more research coming out regarding them. One misconception about cannabis is that higher THC means a better high, which isn’t always the case. Different terpenes in different strains can affect the high we get from that strain. Linalool and Pinene are definitely strong contenders for our favorites as well. What is your dream smoke circle?

Maren: My dream smoke circle would definitely include Jerry Garcia, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and Bob Marley! I’d love to hear how and why cannabis has played such a huge role in their lives.

SG: Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart would be an absolute dream to smoke with. Two people with vastly different backgrounds coming together because of cannabis is inspiring. What is one stigma about cannabis that you hope becomes normalized soon?

Maren: I think for me, one of the biggest stigmas I’d like to break is the lazy stoner stigma. The majority of my friends are “stoners” and all are successful. I feel like if you’re lazy, you’re lazy whether you smoke weed or not. I would also like to help break the stigma that cannabis is a gateway drug. That really, really bothers me because alcohol is really the gateway drug that nobody is talking about, and I wish there was more education about it all.

SG: We hope to end the stigma and normalize the use of cannabis for all. Thank you, Maren, for your insight and contribution to this industry and for taking the time to speak with us!

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