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Cannabis injustice: How you can help
Social Impact

Cannabis injustice: How you can help

Earlier this year we partnered with Last Prisoner project as part of our High Priorities initiative, and one of the most common questions we’ve been asked is “how can I get involved?”. We chatted with the people behind LPP and they recommended becoming a part of their letter writing program. By writing to a person incarcerated for cannabis crimes, you have an opportunity to brighten their day and let them know that you are thinking of them and fighting for them. Below is more information on what, how and who to write to, brought to you by Last Prisoner Project and Deedee Kirkwood.

What to write

It’s up to you! You could include an introduction with a short bio, explanation about how you heard of the program, hobbies, pets, music, activism, etc. Let them know that cannabis justice activists like yourself are fighting for their freedom!

Mailing instructions

  • Plain white envelopes

  • No stickers, tape, glue, glitter, staples, crayon, ribbon, etc. on envelopes or letters

  • No popups

  • No address labels

  • All ingoing mail is subject to inspections

  • No markings that could be misconstructed as code or inappropriate content

  • Mail may be returned

Addressing the envelope

Always include your pen pal’s full name, six-digit prison ID #, institution name, address, and your full name and return address.

Below are some of the profiles of people you can write to. For a downloadable PDF with the names, addresses, and stories of thirty currently incarcerated cannabis prisoners head to Last Prisoner Project.