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Understanding Prop 207

Understanding Prop 207

With the election fast approaching, it’s time to talk about recreational cannabis legalization and voting yes on Prop 207

We need to create a safe environment for cannabis consumption and fix the outdated penalties for cannabis possession, as Arizona is the only state in the country where first-time, low-level marijuana possession is still a felony. Below we highlight what is and isn’t covered in this proposition, why cannabis legalization is the way forward, and how you can help make the cannabis industry a better and more inclusive place. 

What does Prop 207 involve? 

  • Allows adults (aged 21 or older) to possess one ounce of cannabis, grow up to six plants, and consume recreationally within the state of Arizona.

  • The same 16% tax that exists on cigarettes and alcohol will be imposed on cannabis. The revenue from the tax will go towards funding roads and freeways, community colleges, mental health programs, public safety and substance abuse programs.

  • People previously convicted of possessing less than one ounce of cannabis or growing six or fewer plants would be able to petition to have their record expunged in 2021.

What wouldn’t be allowed?

  • Cannabis use would remain illegal in public places, such as parks, sidewalks, and restaurants.

  • Operating a vehicle, such as a car, boat, or plane, while being impaired would remain illegal.

  • Possessing more than one ounce but less than 2.5 ounces would result in a petty offense.

  • The proposition won’t change an employers’ right to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

  • Advertising to children and the sale of gummy bears, gummy worms and other products that resemble kids’ candy would be banned to protect children.

What can you do? 

The future of cannabis is recreational legalization. Vote yes on Prop 207 to ensure cannabis justice and record expungement, the generation of new tax revenue to make AZ even better, and giving adults the right to choose if they want to experience cannabis in a safe way. For more information, visit Smart and Safe.