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Shopping Recreational or Medical?

Core vs. Seasonal Strains

Core vs. Seasonal Strains

For thousands of years, humans have cherished their relationship to cannabis. The versatile plant has been used for food, fiber, medicine, socializing, and as a path to spiritual experience.

Our sun-grown cannabis is completely free of toxic chemicals. There’s no lamp in the world that grows happy and healthy plants as good as the sun. Our 325,000 square foot Dutch-glass greenhouse practices sustainable cultivation using geothermic well water and the full spectrum of the sun.

Our grow produces hundreds of strains throughout the year — some with traditional genetics, others with unique genetics that depend on the ever-changing elements of Mother Nature. Get to know our different classification of strains below.

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Core Flower features strains with trusted genetics that thrive year-round in our 7-acre Dutch glass greenhouse. These sun-grown strains are steady and potent home runs that grow in large quantities, so we’re offering them to you at consistently affordable prices, day in and day out. Core Flower is your go-to selection for every occasion.

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Seasonal Flower features strains with unique genetic profiles that are sourced and grown only when the conditions are just right. We pick rare strains that deliver on the highest notes of flavor and potency — but only when Mother Nature allows. Consider it our farm-to-table selection of strains, and stock up whenever you can — once they’re gone, they’re gone!