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Feel Good Facts: Spark Pre-Rolls

Feel Good Facts: Spark Pre-Rolls

At Sunday Goods, we carefully curate a selection of cannabis strains and products to provide a cannabis ecosystem with something for everyone. If you’re looking for an on-the-go cannabis experience, our pre-rolls might be the perfect fit.

Our pre-rolls are packed with sun-grown, pesticide-free flower and rolled with all natural hemp paper. Enjoy single-strain joints in three different varieties—Spark, Delight, and Rest.

Check out what our friends at Leafly had to say about our Spark pre-rolls.

“Very sweet, very tasty, super smooth.”

Our Effect Variety Pre-roll Packs each contain 5 joints of three different strains. They’re great for sampling a number of new strains within one category to find what’s right for you.

SPARK: Sativa-dominant strains. Sharp focus when you need a burst of energy throughout the day.

DELIGHT: Sativa-dominant strains. All smiles for hang sessions and breezy adventures.

REST: Indica-dominant strains. Take the edge off when you need to relax and recharge.

Get your pre-roll packs from a dispensary near you.