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Feel Good Guide: Pacific Beach

Feel Good Guide: Pacific Beach

We’re watching surfers glide over the Southern California waves in San Diego’s majestic Pacific Beach. Indulging on some of the craft beers at the local watering hole, and we’re getting some fish tacos that, well, are out of this world.

But before we experience this iconic San Diego day, we meet up with our friends at the beautifully designed Columbia Care.

pimage (74).jpeg


Columbia Care is a long room with plants hanging from the ceiling and a long square bar in the center of the store. The friendly staff await your questions behind the bar and the products are all out for you to explore.

pimage (75).jpeg

That brings us to the lovely Lonna Kelly, standing behind the bar ready to tell us all about the San Diego cannabis dispensary. Now, we’re not sure if everyone in Pacific Beach is this friendly — maybe there’s something in the sea air, but everyone we talked to greeted us with a smile and a genuine interest in how our day’s going. This includes the friendly and knowledgeable Lonna.

Lonna tells us that Columbia Care’s crushing it in the dispensary game and are a nationwide company with 19 locations in 9 states, including a location in Puerto Rico. And they’re not stopping there. They’ve got more locations soon to come.

We grab one of the Sunday Goods Single Pre-Rolls and head to the beach.

pimage (76).jpeg


Sitting right at the beginning of Crystal Pier is Kono’s Cafe. This is a no frills, killer beachside coffee shop. As you walk in, you’re hit with the smell of bacon on the flat top grill, syrup water falling over stacks of pancakes and coffee slowly dripping into a diner style mug.

pimage (77).jpeg

The walls are painted ocean blue with a surfer coasting along the wall, looking ocean bound. Surfboards line the ceilings, of course, and the doors are wide open with big windows allowing the breeze to sweep through the place.

We order some coffees to go up at a counter with the smiling cashier named Raul. Stop by next time, grab a coffee, and tell Raul we say hello.

pimage (78).jpeg


We walk our coffees down along the long wooden pier. The slats underfoot have been nicely worn down with passersby walking to the sound of seagulls calling. You hear the waves lightly crashing underneath as you make your way to the end of the pier.

On either side sits little white cottages with blue window shutters. The breeze picks up slightly as you make your way and you can overlook the dozens of surfers paddling out to watch the horizon for the next wave.

We take a moment to soak it all in. There’s nothing quite like being out on the water and looking back at the coast line. What could make this day any better? A craft beer perhaps.

pimage (79).jpeg


Back on shore, you walk along the path overlooking the water and come across a staircase leading up to the PB Shore Club. We sit out on the deck with a view of the water and watch the waves crash endlessly on the sandy beach.

We get the Duckzilla and Good Times, both from local breweries, of course. Our bartender Brittney drops off our cold beers as they slowly bubble to a foamy head. The Duckzilla is a lighter IPA and the Good Times a darker American Pub-Style Ale. Nothing better on a hot beach day in Pacific Beach.

pimage (81).jpeg


Oscars Mexican Seafood is a classic fish taco shop right off the water. As local as this spot is, it can’t escape its own popularity as tourists and locals alike grab their share of the phenomenal tacos.

We get the battered fish taco, the tacos especial and the smoked fish.

The fish taco is flaky with a great crunch from the batter, while the melt-in-your-mouth fleshy white fish bursts with flavor. Adding the spicy mayo is a must.

Taco especial: this is a mountain of a taco. The grilled shrimp is a diamond of deliciousness, so flavorful and soft next to the crunch of the red onions. The scallops and smoked fish add an amazing saltiness while the avocado balances it all out.

Next up, the smoked fish paired with creamy avocado, fresh cabbage and some melted cheese. Whoever said cheese and fish don’t go together clearly hasn’t had this pocket of amazingness.

pimage (83).jpeg


The Baked Bear is a great ice cream sandwich shop. As one must, we get the classic chocolate chip cookie with cookie dough ice cream smashed in between the warm cookies.

To round out the day, we turn the corner and head back to the pier with our ice cream to watch the surfers skillfully cut through the waves as we soak in the sun.

Until next time, Pacific Beach.