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Sundays with Jaclyn
Sundays With

Sundays with Jaclyn

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we chatted with Jaclyn, a model, creative and new Mom. Read on as we discuss motherhood and cannabis consumption.

Hey Jaclyn! Would you mind introducing yourself?
Hi, my name is Jaclyn. I’m a twenty eight year old mother, model, and creative. Although, I must admit I’ve only recently added “mother” to my list of titles with the recent birth of my daughter this past April. I’ve been an alternative internet model since 2011. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything throughout the years including curating local art expos here in Phoenix as well as producing and hosting my own NSFW (not safe for work) stoner food review series, Topless Takeout.

What’s your relationship with cannabis like?
My relationship with cannabis started when I was eighteen through mostly leisure usage. My boyfriend at the time was a pretty stereotypical stoner. He packed a bong for us and turned on Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke. Since then, I have come to use cannabis for my mental and physical health and relief too. There’s nothing quite like unwinding in the evenings after running around all day working and feeling like my body aches and mind can both settle properly before going to bed.

How do you think you’ll talk to your kids about cannabis?
Every year we see cannabis being legalized more and more across the country, so I imagine I’ll talk to my daughter about it as soon as she’s old enough to have an understanding and awareness of it. I don’t want her to fear or demonize cannabis the way I did growing up, and I believe the best way to combat that is by educating her on its benefits, its history, and disclosing my usage with her honestly.

Has your attitude towards cannabis changed since becoming a mother?
Since becoming a mother I wouldn’t say my attitude towards cannabis has changed, although my smoking habits/usage has definitely decreased with having a newborn on my hands.

Do you think there’s stigma around motherhood and cannabis?
I do believe there’s still a big stigma around motherhood and cannabis, that somehow its usage makes a mom selfish or irresponsible. I believe cannabis usage while being a mother is a personal choice. In my case, it’s more of a “me time” activity and with a newborn in the household, my “me time” is pretty scarce to nonexistent these days. I’m perfectly okay with it though. Being a mom is a huge adjustment and requires patience and flexibility. I know my “me time” will turn up again down the line even if it looks different than before.

Stay up to date with Jaclyn on Instagram. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!

Cover photo by Weep Photo