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Sundays with Saint Pasta
Sundays With

Sundays with Saint Pasta

Meet Racan Alhoch and Joe Cetrulo, the co-founders of Saint Pasta, who are serving up the most authentic (and mouthwatering) Italian-American food in Phoenix.

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What’s the story behind Saint Pasta?
Racan: Joe and I were working on opening a pizzeria in Jersey City, NJ. A month before we were supposed to open I came to Phoenix to visit my girlfriend. On the last day of my trip, we got a call from our realtor telling us the building owners are reneging on our whole deal so our restaurant died before it lived and I decided to stay in Phoenix.

While living here I realized you can’t find high quality classic Italian-American dishes anywhere. Back home, you could walk into almost any Italian deli and order a good chicken parm or a pasta. So I called Joe and told him we should start our business here because we’d have almost no competition. The rest is history.

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What does “Feel Good” mean to you?
Racan: To me, when I think “feel good” I imagine spending time with people I care about breaking bread, chatting about random topics, sharing laughs, and maybe a joint or two.
Joe: For me “feel good” is the freedom to do whatever I want. Which is why I’m an entrepreneur.

Do you like to smoke Sativa or Indica?
Racan: I lean more towards indica. After I smoke I love to listen to music or sometimes sloppily make my own music for fun.
Joe: I also lean indica and after I smoke I like to spend quality time with my wife watching our favorite shows.

If you could share a joint with any person alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Racan: I’d smoke with Aristotle because I’ve studied his philosophies a lot and I think a conversation with him while stoned would blow my mind.
Joe: Clint Eastwood but not really Clint Eastwood, just his character in the movie Unforgiven because he’s been through some sh*t.

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Which artist are you excited about right now?
Racan: I’m excited about this really talented local chef named Joe Cetrulo. He’s really elevating the pasta game in the valley right now. It’s wild.
Joe: I’ve been closely following the work of this really creative marketer Racan Alhoch, he’s building a strong brand faster than I’ve ever seen. Wowzers.

What are your thoughts on edibles?
Racan: I like to use edibles in situations where I can’t smoke but would like to medicate. Before going to the movies, taking a flight, or an intimate concert venue where you can’t get away with lighting up.
Joe: Edibles aren’t my thing.

What keeps you up at night?
Racan: Saint Pasta
Joe: Saint Pasta

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Big thanks to Joe and Racan for hanging with us! Head over to Saint Pasta to try their food for yourself and be sure to follow along with them on Instagram.