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Dos and Don’ts: Wake and Bake

Dos and Don’ts: Wake and Bake

We get it. Sometimes you just want to start your day on a high note.

A good wake and bake session may be exactly what you need. But before you wake up and grab a joint, pen, or pipe—take a look at our Dos and Don’ts for a successful wake and bake.


DO choose your strain wisely. It’s key to put some thought into a marijuana strain for a good start of your day. For strains that boost for energy, mental stimulation, and focus, try out Jack Herrer or Train Wreck.

DON’T forget the eyedrops. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house feeling like everyone is staring at your bloodshot eyes. Pro-tip: put some eye drops in before your wake and bake—your eyes will stay nice and bright.

DO create a Feel Good playlist. You want the energy around to be upbeat and motivating. It’s always smart to have a solid playlist ready for the day!

DON’T rush. A rushed morning leads to an anxious mind. Be sure to give yourself at least an hour in the morning to truly enjoy your wake and bake. Better yet—set a timer so that you’re out the door when needed, and be mindful of activities planned for the day.

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DON’T forget to hydrate. Be sure to keep water or any other drink of choice handy to keep the cottonmouth away. A good go-to is coconut water, orange juice, or a kombucha.

DO prepare a light meal. Whip up a light or healthy meal before you wake and bake. Smoking on an empty stomach can sometimes result in dizziness and uncomfortable feeling.

DON’T eat a heavy meal. Alternatively, eating a heavy meal may lead to a food coma that won’t get you out of the house. It’s best to keep your meal on the lighter side.


DO make a to-do list. It’s always a good idea to list out everything you want to tackle for the day. Some can make the list prior to smoking, but sometimes you make a more thorough list once cannabis is consumed.

DON’T go for another edible. Edibles tend to take longer to feel its effects. If you’re not sure what your perfect edible dose is, your experience may take a turn for the worst if you overdo it. It is best to play it on the safer side by sticking to a good flower, vape, or pipe.

DO dive into your hobbies. Whether it’s a book you’ve wanted to read or a song you’ve wanted to learn to play, leaning into your hobbies during a wake and bake is a surefire way to have a feel good morning.